new: i'll be back spectra laminate edition. with a weight of 11 g the lightest zero wind kite. it flies almost itself, floating calmly with a spectacular slowness.


by the

thomas horvath is researching, developing and producing the single line zerowind kites, which he invented. they are distributed directly and only by the kite lab.

details of a zerowind kitede tomaso superleggera: details and the 860 x 50 mm tube.

the flight concept

minimal zerowind kites are lightest flying objects. because you are giving subtle impulses, they float and glide in still air. calm.

synergetic kites are highly optimized for this concept. each model celebrates its own refined flight caracteristic.

wing and delta design

wing designs feature a high aspect ratio for efficient soaring in broader space. compact delta shape low aspect ratio kites are agile and float in urban environment.

with a bit of wind you can enjoy static single line flights too.

minimal, swiss made

precise production methods and the innovative hi-tec material concept form the kites in our atelier in the suburbs of zurich.

assembly and quality assurance of each for you manufactured kite by thomas horvath. swiss made from a to z.

the kites love
without wind.

flight with a zerowind kitede tomaso superleggera is gliding up and down, delta-shape.

de tomaso superleggera

the bestseller: this kite is a perfect instrument for zerowind floating and will always be with you in the compact tube, including our zero wind flight guarantee. production time is short.

a minimal set for urban flights without wind (cost effective international minipac shipping):
• de tomaso superleggera
• flying line 20 m zero.5

a versatile set for high flights in wind and urban flights without wind (normal shipping):
• de tomaso superleggera
• with stabilizer
• flying line 100 m zero.5
• short line 20 m zero.5 on microwinder

all the kites in the shop

learn more about the 15 zerowind kites, from the small "i'll be back" to the large "the long way home".

for urgent orders, there are sometimes a couple of finished kites in the atelier, including the matching lines, ready for same day delivery. please ask, what's ready right now and place the order in the shop.