zero wind kite structure

good news:   i'll be back spectra laminate edition is available now.

thomas k. horvath

is researching, developing and producing minimal single line kites flying without wind, which he invented. the light synergetic flying objects, swiss made, are distributed directly by the kite lab.
new: we moved to a new environmentally friendly atelier this year, where we feel good.

how does such a kite fly?

here's a short movie showing a typical flight in the mountains. see other videos or pictures of our kites in the lounge.

the last rare colors

there's pink fabric for only a couple of kites left. also, there are a few kites available in exclusive, muted tints: grey blue, translucent mint and the charming rose. real rarities, pleas ask by e-mail.

a zerowind kite for any case

de tomaso superleggera flies, with optional stabilizer, in almost any wind, an without wind too. the kite is a perfect instrument to get into zerowind floating and will always be with you later in the compact tube, you can't go wrong.

when to fly which zero wind kite?

originally intended to be an overview for a collector, the zero and light wind kites are shown in relative scale. see all the kites, accessories and a kite building set in our online store.

last minute kites

sometimes, we have a couple of finished de tomaso superleggera or dt honey and flying lines in the atelier, ready for immediate delivery. in standard or special colors, please ask, what's ready right now.

for kids and teens too

learn more about kite making on the urban ninja page. see the basic geometry, the configuration and the components of a genuine horvath design. a building set with the light materials is available.


some swiss kite festivals and 7 eintagsfliegen, sometimes with test kites in zurich on the stadionbrache, brugg and basel birsfelden. in german only: dates 2015.

your options when ordering

pick up in our atelier in zurich or shipping by swiss post. we offer 3 methods of payment: credit card, paypal or per bank transfer in advance (3 currencies: usd, euro or swiss francs chf).