synergetic kite movies

zerowind freestyle kite flying on furka

soaring on furka, 2006: take offs, dives, flatspins, fly aways, glides and just soaring around on a cool evening in fall: zero wind.....kite: the long way home.
the kite flyes in the standard factory setup, with the original skyshark 2pt framing, the flying line used is a zero.7 which is good on rough grounds. observe the dives also in single frame mode. here's the movie also as a youtube-clip.

zerowind kite on susten

the long way home on susten, 2009: soaring around on an evening in summer on 2300 m: thermals, downdrafts, some chaotic winds . . . . . kite: the long way home, 2003 series.

thermals: in general: ascending air currents or up wind, carrying a kite vertically upwards. often generated by insulated warm ground areas such as a dark asphalt place beside a cool meadow, an acre field near a cooler lake or in a small scale above a dark roof, heated by the sun. lovely moments, when a long way home or the urban ninja are soaring on the spot or circle upwards doing flat spins.

indoor flight in leipzig

space enough for a like a rolling stone ul: reinhard bügemannskemper and ralf elias are flying at the messe leipzig.

single line indoor kite: can be flown well in larger inner spaces. beside a very leight weight of the kite, a good indoor handling is achieved by agility, slow movement, a long airtime due to a minimal sink rate and little need for space.

the like a rolling stone ul was designed to meet the above mentioned factors as a dedicated indoor kite. it doesn't perform the infinite glides of the long way home, but delivers maximum airtime values as a result of its minimal wing loading in horizontal soaring and its overall ultra light weight. slow flying with passion. featuring downshifting slow-down aerodynamics design . . .

loaded start with the bad ninja

urban ninja: the bad: from the kite-start-lab . . . . .

ext. link urban ninjeros..... or urbaneros on youtube.

loopings with a single line kite: the bad

the bad at berlin potsdam, 2007: a fistful of loops with urban ninja the bad kite, michael kownatzki on the line. the green one, orange in reality, is flown by rené maier. a conveniant move to fly in stronger winds, because the ninja is gliding towards the pilot against the wind using the drive of the downward phase, so less flying line must be payed out.

the ninja single line freestyle kite on the frozen lake

the urban ninja on the melchsee frutt lake, 2007: fast moves in the swiss alps with the little freestyle single line kite, it can be flown much more relaxed in warm conditions . . . . . setup is standard, flying line is an zero.6, flown at 15 to 70 m. wind: zero. speed of the movie is unchanged. watch this movie also in youtube-format.

horvath flying with a white indoor kite

a short indoor session, empa, 2007: an interesting evening with researchers at the empa center for synergetic structures. the landing is not perfect, but we had fun. the obstacle on the floor is an ergo.90. kite: c'est la vie gran turismo . . . . . un peu a bout de souffle . . . . .
we adjusted this c'est la vie gt to fly shorter glides and tighter flatspins by slackening the sail just a little bit. however, though this is a rather small kite, it demands broader spaces to fly its long glides, in which it will develop its strong lift. that's what it's designed for.

the like a rolling stone ul, as a slow soaring indoor kite configuration, flyes flatspins around a point within its wings with a minimal loss of height. because it's so slow, there's time enough to stay relaxed. the very compact indoor-kite i'll be back is designed to enable flights in confined space: with a little experience, it can be flown in the office or atelier.
a long way home would be hard to fly in this narrow room, it likes to soar across a lot of sky space, like there is on the furka.

zerowind kite on susten

hybrid.200 and hybrid.240 on susten: soaring around on an evening in summer on 2300 m in front of the stein-glacier. wind: none. turbulences: erratic. kites: the hybrids by hq-invento, designed by thomas k. horvath.

white and yellow kites in fresh winds

fresh winds in schlieren zürich, 2006: soaring in fresh winds with lightwind kites. franziska felber: the long way home and the ugly, daniel boermann: c'est la vie and like a rolling stone. we should have had better a rolling stone strong and a ninja with us. the consistantly gliding c'est la vie glissando would have been a good choice too for flying in this rather rough conditions.

a white kite soaring on thermals

thermals over oberalp, 2006: a like a rolling stone strong looking for thermals over the beautyful oberalp pass.

light wind kite flying in the swiss alps

lago della sella, gotthard pass, 2006: in the middle of the swiss alps: active gliding in the swirls around the dam of lago della sella above the gotthard pass, good conditions for the like a rolling stone standard.